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Create Keyphrase-rich Text Content on Your Homepage

Create Keyphrase-rich Text Content on Your Homepage


Do you know the difference between delayed and accelerated website rankings? It’s so simple! The answer lies in the fundamentals.

You can build an awesome looking website, and throw tons of links or social mentions at it but get no results. Why is that so? After all, those are supposed to be the “holy grail” of SEO.

We’ve seen lots of people do this, and then come complaining that they didn’t get any top rankings – at least not for their targeted keywords.

This is why the first thing we do when clients come to us with these problems is carry out an SEO audit to accurately pinpoint the problem.

From experience, we have often found that the reason some clients’ rankings are poor even after all that effort is because they neglected one or more fundamental elements like adding relevant keyword phrases to their website homepage.

An often common mistake is that of adding irrelevant keywords as against properly researched keyword phrases on their homepages.

As if that isn’t bad enough, some of their chosen keywords can sometimes be ridiculously competitive or difficult to compete and rank for because the top listings are taken over by extremely high authority websites like Wikipedia, and .gov or .edu websites.

To save yourself from all the trouble, make sure your fundamentals are right. How can you actually achieve this?

Do your keyword research and find the right keyword phrases first, then go ahead and create keyword phrase-rich texts on your homepage.

Remember not to make the typical rookie mistake of stuffing the page with those keywords alone. Your website could appear as keyword stuffed, and be penalised. Instead, vary them by inserting LSI keywords in the homepage text so it reads naturally.


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