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Creating Specific Ads for Different Keywords Increases Relevancy

Creating Specific Ads for Different Keywords Increases Relevancy


Let’s see if this sounds familiar to you: Business X decides they need new clients fast.

So, they pull up the Keyword Planner and other keyword tools, generate a bunch of keywords, group similar keywords together as recommended by Google, create multiple ad copies, deploy the campaign and then wait for the flood of traffic.

But it turns out that instead of a flood of highly targeted traffic, all they’re getting is junk traffic.

Does that scenario also happen to you? If it does, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many other business owners have “lost their shirt” following the same process.

Luckily, today, you’ll find out a PPC secret that will change your PPC campaigns forever, ramp up your ad relevancy and increase your click through rate. It may even help boost your conversions and lower your cost per click.

So, what’s this secret?

It’s something called Search-to-Ad Message Match.

How to do this? It’s actually very simple. You just have to create single keyword ad groups (instead of grouping 5-20 keywords together like what most people do) with the keyword in the headline and in the body of your ad copy. That way, whenever visitors search for that keyword, the keyword in your ad will be bolded by Google.

Therefore, if the searcher decides to click, the fact that your keyword is “highlighted” in your ad copy makes your ad highly relevant to them and will compel them to click your ad.

This is where relevance comes into play. As a result, your ad will experience high CTR and even higher conversion rate.

To create ads like this, you need considerable expertise. If you already have it, by all means, go ahead and test what you just learned. If it’s not your forte, then you should let eTraffic help you create highly targeted ad groups that will boost your revenue and send your conversion rate through the roof.

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