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Diversify Your Link Building Efforts

Diversify Your Link Building Efforts

How do you build links to your website? Do you generate links from just a few website types or is your link profile highly diversified? Are you one of those people who still do a GSA blast to generate 5,000 backlinks without any regard for the quality of links?

You see, SEO has changed drastically. Before the Google Penguin and Panda updates, it used to be very easy to spam blogs, generate thousands of low-quality blog comment links and easily rank for moderate to high competition keyword terms.

But now, that doesn’t work anymore. After those updates, Google, Yahoo and Bing started focusing on link quality instead of quantity; penalising unnatural and over-optimised link profiles.

This means that your links should need to be contextual and must come from decent sites. These days, you cannot simply have all your links coming from just one site type. That’s a sure red flag for the major search engines.

For instance, if all your backlinks come from just WordPress type sites or unrelated niches, chances are your website could get penalised by the search engines. For this reason, your links should come from multiple reputable or high authority sources such as:

  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Web2.0s
  • High authority sites
  • Press release sites
  • Video sites

This is the only way your link building can appear natural. The bottom line is ensuring that your website looks like it’s only associated with good and quality websites.

This is exactly what we do for our clients. At eTraffic our team of link building experts are very skilled in creating natural link profiles that are derived from high-quality sources.

If you need help with link building, then eTraffic can build great link profiles to boost your website.

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