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ensure your website is mobile friendly

ensure your website is mobile friendly

Would you like to find out if your website is mobile friendly? If so, do a quick keyword search using your mobile device right now. Check the first two words for the returned search results after the headlines.

If your website is mobile-friendly, then you should see the word “mobile-friendly” before the descriptions. It’s usually the first two words. Can you see them? That’s Google’s way of rewarding websites that they consider mobile-friendly.

Google and other search engines are particular about websites being able to display properly on mobile devices. This means that websites without mobile device compatibility are automatically ranked far lower in search results than those tagged as mobile-friendly.

If you think this isn’t a problem, you’re wrong. Here’s why:

People spend more time with their phones than on laptops and desktops;
Thanks to easier payment solutions, more people are making more purchases, checking out local businesses, hiring services and signing up for things, all from their mobile devices. (This means that if your website is mobile-friendly, you can generate more leads, get more clients and sell more of your products.); and
Mobile apps are routinely getting listed in search results – that’s how important the search engines consider mobile

People dislike having to scroll sideways or zoom in and out (unless they want to see pictures clearly) to view web pages on their mobile devices.

“It’s too stressful and annoying” are words you don’t want your visitors to say about your website.

What Can You Do?

Develop or redesign your website using responsive design today! The good news is that the update is a continuous process. So, as soon as your website becomes mobile-friendly, the search engines will automatically reward your site by updating their listings to reflect it.

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