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Review Your PPC Performance by Day and Time

Review Your PPC Performance by Day and Time

Did you know that many small business owners are losing tons of money on their PPC campaigns? Yes, that’s true. This is mainly due to poor targeting strategy.

Yet, for every 100 small businesses unable to generate significant ROI from their campaigns is a PPC expert capable of helping them improve their results and ROI – significantly!

How are PPC experts able to help small businesses consistently make profits from their campaigns?

Well, apart from creating well-targeted ad campaigns and keyword groups, increasing their click through rate and lowering their cost per click, PPC experts consistently review their campaigns to identify what times and days provide the best results.

This means looking for patterns indicating an increase in traffic and conversion during specific days of the week and times of the day.

Commonly called dayparting, this process can greatly improve your bottom line. So, if you’re serious about your PPC campaign, you should incorporate dayparting into your strategy.

By identifying those peak days and times, you can easily allocate more resources to maximise revenue as well as minimise advertising during lean times and days.

If all these don’t make any sense to you, then maybe you need to talk to us. At eTraffic, our PPC experts are always available to help you maximise your profits and generate satisfactory ROI from your PPC campaigns. Click here to discuss with us your PPC campaigns.

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