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Connecting with Link Builders

Link Building Campaign

Link building is a core functionality of online businesses. An online business often hires a link expert or a branding agency to infuse SEO value into their online reputation.

However, often we find a single person operating a link building campaign. Is that a positive way of building links? We will explain the various stakeholders who should ideally be involved in such activities and how a link building campaign should operate in real-time. 

Stakeholders in Link Building Campaign 

#1 Business Owners

We hear stories of entrepreneurship which teaches that delegation is essential for success. It is true that delegation is necessary because an entrepreneur cannot execute every activity single-handedly, it is crucial to monitor all activities taking place. Link building is price sensitive, and without proper guidance and targeting, team members can lose focus. 

#2 Outreach Experts

These are the people a business depends on for liaison. Experienced outreach experts have an innate knowledge of how the publication industry works. They have the right connection and the right method of approach which enables a company to get published on high authority publications or receive interview requests.

Communication is the core skill of outreach experts. If your link building outreach program is receiving excellent results, appreciate the expert in the team. 

#3 PR Specialists

PR specialists in a Digital PR company, they are a lot like the outreach experts but more journalistic in nature. While outreach experts curate publications, the PR specialists maintain expertise over getting the word out about your product in the market. They craft amazing press releases and connect with the right pool of journalists to get them interested in the business product. 

#4 SEO Experts

An experienced SEO personnel is a double advantage to the link building campaign. Technical SEO experts need to continually assess the product pages for broken links, maintaining redirections, monitoring the link profile, assessing on-page SEO and check any other technical issues. A great SEO team and an experienced content writer work wonder for an online business.

#5 Content Writers

The Internet is built with words, and any business owner who wants to survive in the highly competitive Internet ecosystem needs to invest in hiring experienced content creators. They are the brand or image builders. They define how the audience perceives a product.

These are the five stakeholders whose equal contribution in the link building campaign turns it into a successful venture. Slowly and steadily, the SERP begins to improve and the visibility of the product, in totality, improves. 

Working Together as a Team

All the five stakeholders need to work in tandem for a productive output. Any miscommunication or negative vibes can derail the workflow. Do we want that to happen? No!

A link building team comprises of in-house members and external contractual hires. Each member brings the team a separate set of perception, attitude, work ethics, and value. If a project manager is not present, which is often the case when a business is in its growth stage, the business owner becomes the central point of contact to keep positive attitude flowing in the team. It is to ensure all the members are well informed of what the others are doing and to ensure each stakeholder understands how their work collectively adds value to the whole project.

Technology has made communication easier. Apps like Slack, Basecamp, Flock and Asana become instrumental to keep the whole team together. Schedule`weekly or bi-weekly online meetings to keep the team in sync and share updates or new ideas.



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