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Use Breadcrumbs to Improve Site UX and Make it Search Friendly

Use Breadcrumbs to Improve Site UX and Make it Search Friendly

It should be easy for your visitors to find whatever they are looking for in your website within minutes, regardless of where they land on your website.

A difficult to navigate website is frustrating to users and will cause them to leave almost immediately. All great websites make navigation so easy. You should make your site navigable too by incorporating the breadcrumbs into your web design.

Why you need breadcrumbs?

  • Lowers website bounce rate;
  • Provides one-click access to deeper website pages;
  • Helps users get to their desired pages quicker;
  • Enhances natural keyword optimisation on web pages;
  • Meant to display page hierarchy so users can easily find pages;
  • Helps search engine better understand a website;
  • Tells the search engines what each website page is all about;
  • Google loves breadcrumbs;
  • Provides a consistent feel to your website, making visitors feel safe and welcome; and
  • Excellent for reinforcing internal linking structure and aids sitewide links

If your website is hard to navigate or does not have one or more of the aforementioned benefits, then it needs redesigning or restructuring.

There’s an entire process to adding breadcrumbs to your website. This is even more pertinent if you have many pages on your site.

At eTraffic, we have web design experts who are very adept and have the requisite experience needed to create breadcrumbs for your website. We can essentially turn your website into a “well-oiled” machine.

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