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The COVID-19 outbreak is sowing fear in every corner of the world. It has spread like wildfire. No one was ready for it. It came like a thief at night.

Rich or poor, we are all vulnerable. The threat of the disease and DEATH is real. It has claimed tens of thousands of lives worldwide.

It doesn’t matter where you live, no one on this planet is safe during this time of crisis. 

The COVID-19 pandemic did not just bring panic and chaos to our communities in Australia. It has also brought out the best and the worst of people.

COVID-19 has shown us that not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes are ordinary people doing extraordinary things during this difficult time.

It has also shown us the worst of humanity. 

So, who do we choose to be? Are we going to show our best and help the world heal or are we going to act with fear, greed, and selfishness? It all depends on YOU.

How we all act in the next few weeks will determine our victory or defeat over the disease. Each one of us and how we act, matters. 

Consider the following for self-reflection. These are important factors that will help or make the situation worse.

Fear Mongering

The situation is already frightening as it is. Do you help to alleviate the fear or do you contribute to it? Do you search and share everything you can find about COVID-19?

The internet is flooded with news and information about COVID-19. Real and verified news and information have been buried under fake and exaggerated news.

Do you share posts on your social media accounts without verifying the news first? If so, you are instigating fear. You are making matters worse. STOP. 

If the information you share will not help prevent the spread of the disease, lessen people’s burden and hunger, and anything that can help, then do not share at all. 

Use information from the World Health Organisation (WHO), official government websites and trusted social media accounts, reliable news sources, etc. 

Think before you click. The world needs positivity and healing today more than ever. Your fake news will not help at all. 

Panic Buying

When you go to the grocery store or supermarket to buy supplies, purchase only the necessities.

Buy just enough for your own needs and leave some for others who need it most. Panic buying has a domino effect

If someone in the car park or in your building sees you panic buying supplies, they will most likely do the same thing too. Suddenly, we are looking at empty shelves. 

Remember that not everyone’s family can afford to buy a month’s worth of food and supplies. When you go panic buying, you are not leaving enough for families who need it most.

Before you buy two of each, ask yourself, “Will someone else need a bottle of rubbing alcohol or toilet paper?”

Remember, when we act with compassion instead of greed, we help our community heal faster.

The Blame Game

Let’s face it, no one was prepared for this. COVID-19 caught us all by surprise.

Even our government is struggling. Our health system is in chaos. Stop ranting. Quit the blame game.

Yes, the government should have prepared better, yes companies should have responded quicker. However, we cannot turn back time.

We are here and we all need to deal with the situation together. Help out as much as you can, however you can. If you can’t offer any help, get out of the way for those who can HELP. 

Going on social media rants and defying authorities will only make things worse. Instead of disobeying quarantine rules, just stay home and do your part.

We all must take responsibility and contribute as much as we can.

And right now, if you are not a front liner, the best way you can help is to stay home, stay positive and wait for further instructions. 

Patience Isn’t Your Virtue

Do you get irritated easily? Do you blow up often? We understand. Going to purchase groceries takes five times longer than usual.

You need to put on a mask everywhere you go. Ughh, so uncomfortable!

Many people are being forced to work from home and to make matters worse, you can’t go out, not even for fresh air. 

Everyone is bored and frustrated. This leads to you blowing up at random people and authorities. However, look around you.

Everyone is going through the same thing you are. Some even worse.

Our front liners are risking their lives every day, sacrificing not seeing their families so you can stay safe at home with yours. 

Instead of getting irritated, be thankful that you are safe. Be thankful that you have food on your table.

Be thankful that you are with your loved ones because not everyone gets to do so. 


Do you have toilet paper, medicine, and enough food to last for a month? If the answer is “yes,” you need to take a closer look at yourself.

Are you helping the community by hoarding?

Imagine other families who cannot get medicine and food because you hoarded most of the supplies. 

The government and business owners are doing their best to make sure that everyone gets their necessities.

You are robbing other people of their basic needs by hoarding. Get only what you need and come back for more AS NEEDED. 

Food, medicine, and other basic needs providers will continue to serve you and the community.

There will only be a shortage of our basic needs if everyone hoards instead of sharing

This time calls for the community to work together (social distancing, mask and all) so we can reduce the burden of the crisis together. 

There should be no room for greed and selfishness.

What will make this COVID-19 pandemic bearable is a unified community that obeys quarantine rules and acts of compassion and kindness.

This time of crisis will be over as soon as we follow the rules and listen to our government. The solution to this pandemic is in YOU.

So, who do you choose to be during COVID-19? Are you going to let fear drive you? Will you be part of the solution or part of the problem? The choice is yours.

If you are a business owner, in particular, you need to think on your feet and adapt today or risk losing your business.

It’s time to act now to protect your business! Please call us today on 1300 140 576 and let’s make it happen, TOGETHER.

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