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Banners create the first impression for your website and you must try to make it as good as you can to generate more traffic and make them spend more time on your page.

In the world of internet marketing banners are always known to play a significant and important role. Placed at the top of any website, banners are the first point of contact between the site and its visitors. It has a quite considerable effect on the way in which a visitor is going to interact with the site.

Designing a suitable banner becomes all the more important for it not only represents a website as a brand, but also holds and compels a visitor to stay on the site. That is the reason designing a professional looking banner that is also unique, appealing and captivating can do a world of good to your website and provide it with the much required online prominence.

In order to design web banners that are both attractive and successful aspiring web designers will always do better to keep certain things in mind like

  • Size of the Banner:

    Keeping the banner file size low to make it load quickly is primarily important and banners must load with the rest of the page and never after them. Internet users are always finding to be impatient and you can never actually afford to make them wait.

  • Integration:

    As a design element, a banner is required to be integrated with the other elements on the page both in color and design structure. Making interactive banners that seamlessly integrate with the design scheme and encourages the users to interact with it in one way or another is a pretty successful technique used by many web designers to make the visitors stay longer on any particular page.

  • Appropriate Content:

    A good banner for any website is never all about design and color, but it must also have appropriate content that is appealing and interesting to the visitors. Your banner is the best and most prominent place to convey your message to the visitors who are also your prospective customers and you better use it wisely for maximum effect.

  • Maintain It Fresh:

    Updating your banner with new designs after a regular interval of time can help to keep your visitors interested and can surely improve the click to rate for your site.

There is absolutely no doubt that content is the king of modern web design and development and your banner is certainly the best place to display your best content – that is your catch line or your unique selling proposition. Create a mental impulse and impress visitors with your banner. Animated banners are certainly the most popular banner type used by the maximum number of websites to make the visitors spend more time on any particular site, but you must also keep it tame and not overdo it so that it actually does not overwhelm your content.

A call to action, like adding a ‘Click Here’ button on the banner is also found to be effective to make the users start interacting with the site. Innovative creativity is always the key of successful banner design and deviating from the dominating trend can always be a better idea.

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