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With the increasingly widespread use of smartphones, it is essential that you remain relevant in today’s marketplace by incorporating a mobile first website design and development strategy. If you are not providing users with a positive user experience on their mobile phones, they will simply leave your site.

It is important for businesses to have already adapted their online strategy whether their mobile marketing or simply the design to target mobile users with products and services that are unique, with a user-friendly and robust mobile site.

If you already have a website, you may wonder why you need a mobile site.

Can your existing site be accessed via mobile devices?

Sure, it can be accessed from mobile phones. However, the usability is likely to be substandard. It will be frustrating to your visitors, causing them to quickly leave, resulting in a high bounce rate and less leads and sales.

Why Do You Need A Mobile Site?

Traditional websites are designed to be accessed from high resolution, large display devices such as desktop computers. These sites are designed to provide users with exceptional aesthetics and usability on a large display device.

However, when these sites are accessed on mobile devices, with varying resolution and display sizes, they generally have poor usability and are visually unappealing. Therefore, it is important that you design a mobile site that has compatibility with the display resolution and size of mobile devices.

How ETRAFFIC Web Design Can Help Your Business!

At ETRAFFIC Web Design, we have a team of experienced website developers that can easily help transform, update, upgrade or convert your old website into a fully compatible mobile friendly website your customers will love.

We are constantly upgrading our expertise and knowledge to stay ahead of the latest technological advances to ensure your mobile site has

  • Better Usability;
  • Enhanced Visual Appeal; and
  • Dramatic Improvements in Conversions

At ETRAFFIC, we have the capability of providing a variety of solutions, from standard mobile site designs to smart apps and e-commerce stores.

We cater to a diverse set of users by creating mobile friendly website designs that are compatible across various browsers, and that provide the same degree of usability across a large range of mobile devices and operating systems.

Our Mobile Website Design Services

  • Mobile site design
  • Cross-operating system, cross-browser, and cross-platform compatibility
  • Mobile integration with social media
  • Integration and optimisation of video
  • Mobile e-commerce site design
  • Mobile app design and development

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Highest Priority

Superior customer satisfaction is our highest priority at ETRAFFIC Web Design. Therefore, we meticulously design your mobile sites using leading edge technology to create sites that feature:

  • Optimised file structure and visual elements for fast loading times
  • Touch-friendly routing options
  • Superior usability and cross-platform compatibility across iPhone,iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows, and Symbian
  • Mobile search friendly designs
  • Easy access contact information and click-to-call to provide instant contact capability
  • Solid design templates and testing algorithms to provide enhanced usability

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