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New "Following" Tab Found On Instagram For India Users

You’re saying that Instagram Reels is attempting to be even more like TikTok? I don’t think there are many surprises there. However, users in India will find a new ‘Following’ tab beside the main Reels feed as a result of recent design changes to the main Reels screen that Instagram is making to the app. These design changes are presently being made and are a great addition to those engaging in social media marketing.

What is the ‘Following’ Option?

Indian users now have a ‘Following’ option that is just a side-swipe away, allowing another method to sift through your most recent Reels footage, in a variety of categories. This mimics the strategy that TikTok takes with its ‘Following’ and ‘For You’ feeds, with the algorithmically selected clips in ‘For You’ allowing the app to offer a considerably wider variety of popular video clips.

That has been the driving force behind the success of TikTok. TikTok is able to take the greatest material, on a limitless variety of subjects, and offer it to you depending on your preferences. This is in contrast to other platforms, which restrict your content streams to only the people in your personal network. That means that the most popular clips have a greater chance of succeeding, regardless of who each user is following. 

New "Following" Tab Found On Instagram For India Users

Furthermore, despite the fact that you can also filter through the latest uploads from people that you know and like, many users find that the main ‘For You’ feed is sufficient to give them their short-form video fix.

While material from creators that you follow is now incorporated into the display of your primary Instagram feed, Reels has implemented a method that is analogous to this with its Reels tab feed. However, with an alternate feed strategy, you have a way that is more unique to Reels to check out clips from the accounts that you follow, which might help to promote engagement by further leaning into the trend of short-form video content.

Final Thoughts

Despite this, the underlying “secret sauce” of TikTok is its algorithm, which gets better and better at figuring out what it is that you enjoy and then displaying more and more of that to you.

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