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Meta Announces ‘Recurring Notifications’ For Business Messaging

In the first-ever Conversation conference, Meta recently announced the introduction of ‘Recurring Notifications’ on Messenger. This new feature enables businesses engaging in social media marketing to send ‘proactive, automated messages’ to Messenger users who’ve signed up to receive the messages. 

The new development is in stark contrast to how Meta has operated messaging platforms. Meta has had long-standing limits to the number of messages businesses can send to Messenger and IG Messaging users, even when users opt to receive messages.

How Do Recurring Notifications Work?

Recurring Notifications will allow businesses to send updates, sales notifications, newsletters, sponsored messages, or other messages. On the messaging frequency front, businesses will have the leeway to determine the number of times they want to send messages. 

The frequency options range from daily to monthly. The recipient will be notified of the expected number of messages in the upfront prompt while opting in. 

Meta Announces ‘Recurring Notifications’ For Business Messaging

Currently, brands can only contact a Messenger user after receiving a message first. And even then, they have 24 hours to reply to the message. After that, brands were allowed only to send one more follow-up message. Beyond that, brands can only use sponsored messages to initiate communication with existing conversations.

Meta held this stand out of fear of businesses spamming their message platform users. Meta’s strict user guidelines were designed to negate any potential overuse by sending out random alerts and promotions, thereby spamming the notification of users. However, the new feature will allow small and medium businesses to communicate with their audience proactively through Meta’s Messaging platforms.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to note that Meta intends to charge businesses for sending direct messages to audiences through its messaging platforms in the future. However, while this feature is in the trial phase, it will be free. As such, Meta will provide useful functionality and means for businesses to communicate with their existing and potential customers and clients. However, brands might have to pay for this functionality in the future.

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