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Our Unique 3 Step Business Approach

Managing clients during the COVID-19 pandemic is hard. With travel restrictions, business and labour limitations and health risks, there are so many factors that hinder our delivery of quality products, services, and a great customer experience. 

Despite so much uncertainty about the economy crashing, there are still things you can do to not just keep your company running but keep your clients happy too. 

eTRAFFIC can help you manage your clients by addressing their needs, providing solutions, and providing support. 

Following is our 3-Step Approach to help you manage your clients and keep them happy:

1) Address Client Concerns Immediately 

Act quickly! This pandemic has created more problems and concerns for clients. Buying patterns have shifted significantly. How do you identify these changes and how do you adjust to our current economic situation?

The answer is simple. Let us help you.

eTRAFFIC uses online platforms to help you find out important data from your customers and your target market. We can help you identify the shift in the market and pinpoint what your customer’s current needs are. 

By using Google, social media, and other online platforms, ETRAFFIC helps you give your clients an avenue to let you know what they need, what their concerns and issues are, how they want it fixed and delivered, and when. At the same time, these same platforms can be your tools to communicate and resolve their issues and deliver what they need in a timely manner. 

It is important that each concern is addressed ASAP. Letting your clients wait without any certainty is a sure way of losing them to your competition, especially when online where things happen in real-time. 

ETRAFFIC give you ways to reach your clients so you can keep in touch and provide easy solutions to your clients’ concerns and needs. This means you are on top of everything and can provide timely solutions to what your clients are asking from you.

With ETRAFFIC, we make it easy for you and your clients to get together, find solutions, and maintain a strong business relationship.

2) Be Empathetic

Let your clients know that you care, that you are empathetic to what they are going through during these tough times. Do not just deliver and provide products and services. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. You can show them empathy by:

  • By going the extra mile. For example, attach a simple card or a freebie or a care package that lets them know you care.
  • Providing helpful information on your website and marketing materials, like COVID-19 advisories, how-to reminders, etc.
  • Be more flexible with collecting credits, give discounts and freebies so they don’t feel like all you are after is the bottom line.
  • Listen and then talk. Don’t be all about business, listen to your customers, and learn about what they are going through. 

The simple things matter. A simple friendly safety reminder can earn you your client’s loyalty without you knowing it. ETRAFFIC can help you reach out to your clients and potential customers to let them know that your company cares and that their needs and concerns take first priority among others. You need a strong online presence to do this and ETRAFFIC is here to help you with that.

3) Be Innovative 

Be relentless in finding solutions for your clients, no matter what they are. If there is one great lesson this pandemic has taught us, it is to “adjust and adapt.” If there is a need, then you need to pull out all stops to fulfil that need. If there is a problem, find solutions.

ETRAFFIC can help you find solutions by assisting you in gathering important information about your clients, the market, and resources. Your job is to provide a product or service. That is what you are good at. We at ETRAFFIC are good at collecting and spreading information. Let’s work together so we can help you find better solutions and innovations. 

With our expertise combined with your excellent service, products, and innovation, you can get ahead of your competition, satisfy your clients, and keep your business running successfully amidst this Coronavirus pandemic.

Getting expert help to reach clients, gather information, and increase your visibility is important. You need a third-party vendor to do this for you so you can focus on what is important and do what you do best – providing world-class products or services and innovation.

Smart business owners outsource certain jobs or projects so they don’t get distracted in running a smooth operation. Take advantage of all the resources available to you. 

If you need more information or questions about our 3-step approach to managing your clients, please feel free to give us a call. Our customer hotline is 1300 887 151. Let us help you elevate your online presence and crush your competition.

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