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Snapchat Launches New Option To Display eBay Listings

In a recent development, eBay announced their partnership with Snapchat in which eBay users will have the option to post their listing on Snapchat in the form of stickers overlaid on their Snaps. This means advertisers and small and medium businesses looking to utilise social media marketing will have the ability to share eBay listings of any product they come across on eBay with their connections.

More importantly, Snapchatters will also be able to share items they come across or are eyeing to buy on eBay on Snap. In this regard, Snapchat and eBay are looking to tap into a thriving culture of Snapchatters seeking their friends’ opinions and advice when they want to make purchases. 

New Advertising Opportunities For Business

While the shared listing is limited to the circle of connections one has on Snap, this new option provides a unique advertising opportunity for small and medium businesses. In effect, Snapchat and eBay have given advertisers a new way to promote their listings, which has been described as free advertisements.

The eBay listing share option is not only intuitive but easy to get to grips with for Snapchat users. Advertisers, small and medium businesses, and eBay-Snapchat users do not have to be tech-savvy to use this free advertising opportunity. The share option is seamless.

Snapchat Launches New Option To Display eBay Listings

To share your eBay listing on your Snap, simply:

  • On the eBay app, open any listing you want to share 
  • Click the ‘Share’ icon and select the ‘Snapchat’ option. Selecting this option opens the Snapchat Camera with the eBay sticker. 
  • Within the Snapchat Camera, you can create an original Snap using the usual creative tools and layer on the eBay sticker layer.
  • When you post the Snap to your Story or send it directly to another Snapchatter, they can open the listing on the eBay app by simply clicking the eBay sticker.

Final Thoughts

With this new feature, Snapchat enhances the experience of seeking and sharing opinions with other Snapchatters. Importantly, the Snapchat and eBay collaboration will help businesses drive traffic and buyers from Snapchat to eBay. Companies can, therefore, take advantage of the new list-sharing feature to drive sales through eBay.

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