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Today, most customers research a brand or a business online before doing business with them. In most cases, they would visit the company’s website and form their initial opinion. While developing a website, it is best to go for an experienced person because only then, you will stand a chance to get noticed in this highly competitive market. A customer is used to websites that are developed by people with huge experience in the web design industry and when your website fails to meet these high standards, the customers will make out the difference and dislike your website eventually.

Having key experience designing websites for various different niches and businesses, we have gained key insight on what works and what don’t. As your website is the digital face of your company, different prospects and scenarios should be considered before initiating the actual design.

With each and every new assignment, we have learned new things and also found few mistakes made in the past. Below is the quick conclusion to all those important insight and knowledge earned.

No Matter How Great Your Website Is, Users Will Leave If It’s Slow

It is a known fact that customers hate waiting for a website to load. Moreover, all users have different Internet speeds depending upon the device they are viewing your website on. They may have broadband speed on their desktop, but not on their smart phone. Therefore, when a user tries to visit a website, and it doesn’t load soon, he may get irritated and leave the website.

Clients Don’t Care About User Experience; You Need To Make Them Realize Its Importance with Good Education

The client has a very different perspective about his website when compared that to a user’s perspective. A client will just always think about the company’s website requirements and business objectives, but never think about what experience they want the users to have on the website. It is important to educate the client regarding user experience and how it can be a means to achieve their set objectives. User experience can make or break the success of a website and is an important aspect of designing websites.

If You Are Big Brands with Great Products, You Don’t Need To Bother About Product Presentation or Website Design

Big brands with great products are always popular among users. Even if they have a bad website design with poor presentation, users would still show an interest in that brand based on their brand name. But, the same is not true for small businesses that need to establish themselves. Unfortunately for them, when they present badly, users don’t take interest in their brands.

Don’t Violate User Friendliness in Creating Search Engine Friendly Design, Search Engines Will Upgrade Their Standard But Users Won’t Change Their Mind

Being obsessed about search engine friendly design, you also need to give equal care to user friendliness. Observing search engine algorithm and trends, we conclude search engine will keep improving their ability to index new kind of content every year. For example, Google now indexes the content embedded in flash, which it wasn’t capable of previously. Don’t annoy your visitors by creating a design that is built with keep in mind the standard of search engines only.

For Creating A Good Impact On Visitors Through Content, It Is Necessary To Place It On The Right Pages And Present It In Right Manner

It is a known fact that content is king, but it is only true if the content is placed correctly on the right pages. Only when placed perfectly will they be able to deliver maximum impact. Furthermore, with the invention of devices like smart phones and tablet, users access your website in different web environment; you must deliver the content in right manner according to the environment in which your website is being viewed for its maximum exposure.

Responsive Websites Are More Convenient Than The Separately Hosted Mobile Sites

When you think of targeting mobile users or creating a website mobile friendly, there are generally two options web Design Company suggests. First is having a responsive website and another is individually hosted mobile website. After observing the behavior of mobile users with different analytic tools, we came to know Responsive Websites are more convenient than the mobile website. Frequent releases of devices with different screen size and resolution, responsive perform better compared to mobile.

At eTraffic Web Design, we have a team of creative website and graphic designers who understands your business and website requirements and design your web identity exactly as you have imagined. Through the experience of designing more than 50 websites for small businesses we have learned lots of things and we hope it will help you as well. Contact our experts if you are looking for the professional website design and development company in Australia. Our experts will be pleased to assist you.

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