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How Start With Performance Max Campaigns

Starting a performance max campaign can be both an easy and daunting task. However, before you start, it would be best to seek the help of professionals to keep your Google Ads campaign running effectively. It is a waste of resources to spend money on customers that do not convert. Are you tired of spending on customers without having your revenue increase? A Performance Max campaign is a perfect solution for you! 

What Are Performance Max Campaigns?

Performance Max is a new type of Google Ads campaign that is automated and uses artificial intelligence. Its main purpose is to display responsive ads to target audiences through networks. Some of these networks include Search, Gmail, Youtube, and Discover. 

Advertisers must decide on the kind of creative assets they want to have and get them activated using Google Smart Bidding. This must be done according to your objectives as the advertiser. Google has been upgrading all local and smart shopping campaigns after verifying the effectiveness of Performance Max. Performance Max offers you extra formats and inventory across all main networks. 

How Do These New Ads Work?

Ads have been the largest way of advertising in digital marketing. In the present day, having an advanced way of advertising has become a necessity. You must also understand how the new ads used in Performance Max campaigns work. 

Performance Max models make use of machine learning features to come up with appropriate and effective performance campaigns. Machine learning also ensures that the ads are shown to the right audience after creation.

It also allows you to enjoy optimised bidding processes. During setup, Performance Max provides optimal data feeds, audience signals, and creative assets that make it easier to use. 

Key Features

Performance Max campaigns offer features with a variety of conversion goals and new insights that will help you make better decisions for your business. These key features are:

1). More Substance From Improved Insights

Performance Max has a diagnostic insight that allows you to highlight setup issues that could hinder your ad from being visible to your audience. Since this feature works more like a troubleshooter, it also offers possible solutions to the problem. 

Performance Max also presents you with asset audience insights. Are you tired of guessing what’s on your customer’s minds? This feature gives you a clear idea of how your customers respond to specific images, copies and videos. For example, if you are selling phones, you might realise that customers are responding better to ads that show the phone specs than those with flashy images or vice versa. 

2). Audience Signals 

Audience signal is a feature found in Performance Max that allows you to suggest the kind of audiences in which you want to have to machine learning algorithms. This serves the purpose of optimising your conversions.

Using audience signals will ensure that the machine learning algorithm takes the right direction. That way, you are sure that your ads will be viewed by individuals likely to become customers. 

You must ensure that your audience signal is specific and strong. Weak and broad audience signals show your ads to a largely disinterested audience. 

3). Getting New Customers 

The Performance Max customer-acquisition feature is one you cannot afford to miss out on. While it was present in the smart shopping campaigns, its version on Performance Max has deepened its capabilities.

The feature gives you the chance to pay attention to new customers and have an easier time identifying them through customer match, auto-detection, and conversion tags. This feature does not allow your previous customers to view the ads. 

How Start With Performance Max Campaigns

Create A Performance Max Campaign: Step-By-Step

You can easily set up a preface max campaign. Do you think it is time to increase your account level by smart bidding? Here are the steps you need to follow. 

1). Select an objective

Like you do when starting a business, it is important to have a clear objective. Objectives help you keep track of your achievements.  

2). Select Performance Max Campaigns 

This step helps to select Performance Max as your preferred marketing option. 

3). Determine Budget And Bid Strategy

Choose a bid budget by the value or volume of your bid strategy. You must select the bid strategy since Performance Max does not allow manual bidding. Fortunately, you can select your return on ad spend or target per acquisition depending on your needs and preferences. 

You also get to decide on the conversion actions to maximise sales, phone calls and leads, among other options.   

4). Campaign Settings

Campaign settings include options such as ad schedules and the location of your targets. 

5). Create An Asset Group

An asset group refers to several creatures that share the same theme put together or that share the same target audience. The asset groups allow you to have all appropriate ads kept in an inventory for use in meeting your advertising objective. 

6). Create Ad Extensions 

Ad extensions give more room to present more information to your target audience, increasing the chances of customers choosing your business. 

7). Final URL 

The final URL expansion option is always activated. It helps your target audience to review your most relevant URLs. 

Set Up Your Performance Max Campaigns With ETRAFFIC!

Ad campaigns have resulted in increased competition between businesses. Your company needs to use search ads best to beat the competition. It would help if you also worked with experienced professionals to help you with lead generation.  

At ETRAFFIC, we are committed to seeing your business get a wide customer base. We will help you move from local campaigns to discovery campaigns to help your brand gain customers worldwide. We aim to optimise performance to help your company grow exponentially. 

To get started with Performance Max campaigns that work, please call us at ETRAFFIC today at 1300 887 151 or book a free strategy session below.


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